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In 1958, Kruger Trailers was started by Paul Kruger Sr., the son and brother of a farming family. Farming was a popular trade at the time, living in a rural setting, neighboring farmers had the need for utility trailers to haul heavy agricultural equipment and materials like nitrogen and fertilizer from field to field.
Thus Paul, 18 years at the time and mechanically inclined, had a vision and created the first Kruger Trailer. His tender age, altough a challenge, did not prevent him from creating a successful business.

His strong work ethic, precision, and quality crafstmanship has produced trailers that have over one million miles and are still going strong. His practice has always been to build with the best materials and with the best techniques to ensure complete customer satisfaction. This has held true for over 50 years. Kruger Trailers has never hired dealers or road salesmen. We specialize in custom built trailers and truck bodies. We proudly serve the Delmarva Peninsula and we have built special trailers for distant places like Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Mexico, West Germany, British Columbia, Canada, etc.

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